Monday, September 10, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 23

Week 9 - Thing 23 - Hooray - Finished.
Doing the 23 Things has taken me from laughter to wanting to kill the computer when the programs would not load and it would keep kicking me out. I also want to thank all the people who assisted me in figuring out what I was doing wrong and just holding my hand as I did the activities. I have learned a tremendous amount about the different sites available and now I can actually talk to my kids and others about YouTube, aviators and blogs. But another thought that I had while doing the activities was their viability in the future - technology changes so rapidly.

Now to Favorites: Creating my own Blog; Making an avatar (just like paper dolls); and playing with YouTube, Pandora and Sandbox.
While Technorati, RSS and others were interesting and informative, I wonder if I am ever really going to use them in the future. Also not being able to open sites or waiting forever for them to load was a hindrance since my scheduled time was short.

Yes, if another discovery program was offered I would love to sign up for it. I feel that I have learned a great deal by doing these activities and this will be reflected in how I assist customers.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 22

Thing 22 - Audiobooks Listening & viewing Overdrive & Netlibrary was informative but long and boring, I know they need to give all the information but please make it a little more exciting.
I do listen to audiobooks at home and driving and I do like the selection that both of the above had to offer to their customers. But Project Gutenberg won my heart with its special SF section. Gutenberg offers so many titles (old & new) and its potential for expansion in all fields is endless. I think that in the near future I might give World eBook Fair a try - at least for the free one month trial.

Podcasts - Week 9 - Thing 21

Week 9 -Thing 21 - Examing the three podcasts (;; and Yahoo Podcasts) I discovered basically the same types of information on all three. All of them gave TV shows (news), learning languages, music and other things too numerous to mention. I did like Yahoo Podcasts for the Library Channel and Nancy Pearl's Book Review which I added to my Bloglines account. I though of our own Ruth at Pikesville and how good she is in selecting books and talking about them - maybe a potential podcast? I think that podcasts could be used for our Storyline; giving audio tours of branches (museums) and of course book reviews - many uses for the future.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Week 9 - thing 20

Thing 20 - Youtube - Watching YouYube was fun except for the pauses. Seeing old TV serials, old commercials (funny ones), animation and other videos was great. I selected the video "Floating" because I liked the abstract and different feel of the letters just floating in air. YouTube is interesting and can lend itself to library use, it can be used to educate customers (particularly the younger ones) on the ins and outs of library collections, programs etc., using a popular format.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Week 8 Online applications & Tools

Week 8 - Thing 18 - Like many others I created an account in Zoho Writer, I really like the easy way in which I could use it and the spread sheet capability. Not having to memorize a new set of tool bar buttons is a big plus as is the easy spread sheet. Now I can keep track of household finances everywhere and try to figure out where the money goes.

Week 8 - Thing 19 - Loved Pandora - the music is great and I like their referrals to other artists but what I really like is just listening to the music. Another great site is zillions (real estate), one can find homes for sale in any area, list features (like three bedrooms, etc.) and find out what homes sold for in the area. This site could be a real plus to new home buyers, people relocating in an area and home sellers (we can refer this site to many customers).

week 7 - thing 17 - Sandbox

Thing 17 - Sandbox - Had fun reading other people's comments but when it came for me to add my own sandbox - I had trouble. I created the title and did the edit but nothing was linked to my Fantasy title. After playing around with it and asking others who were more suave I found out what I was doing wrong (not highlighting the title to add the content.) Now it is working and I hope to get some input from others about the book.